Proposition 8 in the 9th: Pre-Hearing Edition

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Today's the day the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco hears an appeal of last August's federal court decision overturning California's ban on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8. Here are a few readings to get us up to speed on the issues and what to expect today:

Prop 8 Argument Day FAQ (Metro Weekly, Washington, D.C.)

On Tap Monday in San Fran (and on TV!): The Prop 8 Arguments
(Wall Street Journal Law Blog)
We Have Some Questions of Our Own (National Organization for Marriage)
Prop 8 Argument Day Guide (Ace of Spades HQ)
California's Proposition 8 Appeal (SCOTUSBlog)
Will a Technicality Save Gay Marriage (Huffington Post)
Proposition 8 Lawsuit: Unintended Legal Consequences (KQED News Fix)

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