Prop. 8 Outcome Could Have Wide Reach

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The federal Prop. 8 trial wraps up today, each side is expected to turn in last week’s homework assignment. If Walker strikes down California's ban on same-sex marriage, it could influence laws across the country.

Check out Scott Shafer’s story on for more about the trial's implications.

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  • Robb

    If Prop 8 proponents are truly concerned about the quality of procreation, why not include an age limit contingency? Say that heterosexual citizens beyond a certain age, or age disparity should be disallowed to marry?

    (call it the “Trophy Wife” ban, lolz)

  • Brian

    It bothers me to see Prop 8 proponents try to use legal arguments to define who can get married – every attempt has a million holes: if it’s about procreation, than those over 50, such as my mother, can not justify their marriage, nor can the infertile or abstinent… and yet lesbians can procreate – how do you discriminate them out of marriage? If it’s about the right environment for kids, why do we have adoption & foster care?

    It’s frustrating to see government time and money wasted into an issue that really does not concern it. If everyone could get married, how bad could it really be?

  • karie lindsay

    Those who wish to ban gay marriage are coming from a position of fear and misinformation. The question of marriage is about being in a loving relationship. Those who believe that being gay is a “choice” or has its origin from being abused or somehow hurt as a child, are ignorant. The arguement regarding procreation and its being impossible in a gay marriage, is again flawed thinking. Gay parents have to work so hard to be parents, the fact that their procreation does not happen according to someone else’s plan is inconsequential.