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Judge Vaughn Walker today ordered groups that opposed Prop. 8 to turn over some internal communications among No on 8 organizations. The groups, including Equality California and the ACLU, fought the order and may appeal today's decision. Last year Prop. 8 proponents were ordered to reveal some internal memos and email to the plaintiffs' attorneys. Today's order is a response to a similar demand by the Yes on 8 attorneys -- and it upholds an earlier order by a federal magistrate. Yes on 8 opponents have until March 31st to turn over the documents -- and there will be lots of xeroxing between now and then.  The last day of testimony in the trial was January 27th. No date for closing arguments has been set and today's order may delay it even further.

UPDATE: Tuesday afternoon Judge Vaughn Walker issued an interim stay until March 29th on his order that No on 8 groups turn over internal communications to proponents. The ACLU and Equality California asked for the stay as they appeal Judge Walker's ruling.

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  • JP

    Your update says “Tuesday”. This is a problem I have encountered on numerous news webpages. You have to know that info on the web is enduring. Reporters and certainly editors should be in the habit of making stories (especially internet based media) temporally explicit. Yes, it also says “until March 29th” but if someone finds this story in a month or a year it will be very difficult to make any sense of the mention of “Tuesday”.

    Thanks for the continued coverage on this story and for excellent reporting on NPR.