State of the Unions

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A Friday deadline looms in the Prop. 8 trial -- it's the last day additional briefs can be submitted by either side before a date for closing arguments is set by Judge Vaughn Walker.  Still time for a little background reading -- and it was with interest that I opened a survey that arrived in the mail today from the non-profit California Healthy Marriages Coalition. The Southern California -based group received a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2006 to conduct the work.  Not sure why they mailed this now -- it appears the survey was completed in 2008. Nonetheless, the results -- based on telephone conversations with 2,005 Californians -- make for some interesting reading.

A few tidbits:

Percent of all adults in California currently married: 52

Percent of Californians ever divorced: 34

Percent of married Californians who expect their marriage will last their entire life: 97 (!)

Who says California optimism is dead?

The organization partners with faith-based organizations, which could suggest a conservative bent. The survey did ask respondents whether they are gay or lesbian ... although I can't seem to find the results of that question anywhere in the published survey -- still waiting to hear back from the organization.

They didn't seem to ask anyone's attitudes about same sex marriage. But given how prominently the history, importance and evolution of marriage has been in the trial, it makes for interesting reading.

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