The Next Campaign

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While the Prop. 8 trial is silent, supporters of same sex marriage have been busy paving the way for another – and this time they hope successful – election campaign in California. State Senator Mark Leno is sponsoring SB 906 which specifies that legalizing gay marriage would not require a priest, rabbi, minister or any other religious official to perform a marriage against their conscience. It also explicitly states that any religious organization that refuses to perform such a union would not have its tax exempt status revoked or threatened. These were both key arguments used by Prop. 8 supporters. Leno’s bill is winning support from the California Council of Churches (an opponent of Prop. 8) and even the conservative California Southern Baptist Convention.  A spokeswoman for The Catholic Church in California – a major supporter and funder of Prop. 8 –  says her organization has so far declined to take any position on the legislation.

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  • David Moisan

    Well, what else do you expect from the Catholic Church. They are hypocrites. They turn their back when their priests are molesting children. They don’t even fire the bishop who allowed it to happen. Instead they move him to the Vatican and give him a better job. They make mo effort to protect the innocent children. But when two consenting adults want to pledge their love for one another, they go out of their way to stop it from occuring. Shame on the catholic church (I refuse to even capitalize the word catholic). I have since revoked my catholic faith.