A First: U.S. Supreme Court Overruled … By Hollywood Actors

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The Academy Award nominations were announced in Hollywood this morning, and oddly enough, not one of the nominations went to anyone involved with the new, YouTube re-enactment of the Proposition 8 trial. Kidding aside, the first of 12 "episodes" -- each one a day of the trial -- was uploaded to YouTube Monday. The videos are performances of the attorneys, Judge Vaughn Walker and all the witnesses based on court transcripts, blogs, etc. According to a press release, all of the performers are professional actors. A few name actors took part -- including Tess Harper (as plaintiff Sandra Stier) -- and many bear at least a passing resemblance to the real-life people they play. You can see for yourself at MarriageTrial.com. The performances are a clever way of getting around the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that blocked actual video from the court proceedings.

Here are both chapters that make up Day One. Grab some popcorn, and get comfortable -- the total running time is over three hours.

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  • Darryl Browne

    These videos have been beneficial in showing the world how twisted and hateful the proponents of Prop 8 really were. The proponents did NOT want the world to see how demonic and hateful they really are. The devious, coniving, dishonest and outright lying actions and behaviours of Dr. Tam, with his false fear mongering campaign, should warrant him being charged with hate crimes and promoting hate.