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State of the Unions

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A Friday deadline looms in the Prop. 8 trial — it’s the last day additional briefs can be submitted by either side before a date for closing arguments is set by Judge Vaughn Walker.  Still time for a little background reading … Continue reading »

The Next Campaign

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While the Prop. 8 trial is silent, supporters of same sex marriage have been busy paving the way for another – and this time they hope successful – election campaign in California. State Senator Mark Leno is sponsoring SB 906 … Continue reading »

Tell Us: Does Judge Walker's Sexual Orientation Matter?

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Yesterday the San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier and Ross wrote a column identifying Prop. 8 trial Judge Vaughn Walker as gay. This wasn’t exactly “outing” the judge — he’s not exactly public about his sexual orientation, but it’s well known in many circles that he is. The article described it as a “non-issue,” but that remains to be seen. What do you think? Should a judge’s sexual orientation be relevant in a case like this? Was the Chronicle right to reveal Judge Walker’s orientation in the middle of a high profile trial? Tell me what you think in the comments.

Friends in High Places

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On the last day of testimony in the Prop. 8 trial, Judge Walker gave interested parties a week to file any additional “friend of the court” amicus briefs on behalf of either the plaintiffs (those hoping to strike down Prop. 8) or the defendants.

A First: U.S. Supreme Court Overruled … By Hollywood Actors

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The Academy Award nominations were announced in Hollywood this morning, and oddly enough, not one of the nominations went to anyone involved with the new, YouTube re-enactment of the Proposition 8 trial. Kidding aside, the first of 12 “episodes” — each one a day of the trial — was uploaded to YouTube Monday.