Whose Side Are You On?

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The most contentious exchanges of the trial happened this afternoon. They were between David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values in New York, and plaintiffs' attorney David Boies. Boies was pressing him for "yes/no" or "I don't know" answers, and Blankenhorn kept resisting. At one point Boies yelled, "let me make it very simple sir." Judge Walker intervened to referee and said to the witness "he deserves an answer."

At one point, Blankenhorn answered a question with "I don't know," then said joyfully "See I did it!"  As the courtroom burst into laughter, Boies said, chuckling, "If I could give you a gold star I would."

Blankenhorn testified earlier that marriage is primarily intended to nurture the relationships between a man, a woman and their biological children. In between protestations of Boies' questions however, Blankenhorn admitted: "I believe allowing same-sex marriages would likely improve the well being of gay and lesbian households and their children." By my count, this is the fifth defense witness to give testimony helpful to the plaintiffs.

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  • Kathie Moon

    I am continually annoyed at the Prop 8 supporters contention that marriage is to support heterosexual couples and their ‘biological’ children. Children without the nuturing of their heterosexual biological parents need and deserve the nuturing provided by any other competent person. While many LBGT families include the biological children of one spouse, many others are raising adopted or foster children who benefit, as does the state, from this nuturing.