Judging the Judge

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Andrew Pugno, one of the attorneys defending Prop. 8, today complained that Judge Vaughn Walker is allowing his side to be "railroaded" by the plaintiffs. He said there is a "double standard" with regard to documents and videos being allowed into evidence. This line of messaging bears watching. In previous email messages to supporters, ProtectMarriage.com has warned that this judge seems biased. Here is an excerpt from one of those emails:

"Thankfully, some of Judge Walker's rulings have already been overturned by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. But as the trial begins, there is no question that virtually every ruling so far has put traditional marriage at an increasing disadvantage. The consistency with which the judge has sided with our opponents is anything but comforting to supporters of traditional marriage.

But one thing is for certain: no matter how Judge Walker eventually rules in the Perry trial, this legal saga is destined for appeals and a final decision in the U.S. Supreme Court. Ultimately, it will not be Judge Walker's views on marriage that decide this case, but rather those of the nine Justices on the highest court in the nation."

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  • l8r_g8r

    Oh noes! They’re making us turn over evidence under the evidence laws! The evidence laws must be biased! Waaaah!

  • Dieter M.

    Got bad news for the bigots and Mr. Pugno.
    your case was an incompetant one, and you are failing miserably. that does not maen the judge is biased. The judge is Conservative..you know the conservatives are against gay marriage right?oh wait maybe you don’t know..I mean so far your witnesses have admitted to knowing nothing..GOOD God man!! LOL
    by the way. The supreme court does not even have tyo HEAR the case. Just so ya know….

  • Ingrid D.

    I don’t get this? According to the protectmarriage.com website, the prop8 defense team is doing a bang up job against the no on 8 people. Which is it? Or was today just a really bad day for the defense?

    BTW, isn’t that what the judge is supposed to be doing? Isn’t it his job to find the truths behind all the propaganda and rhetoric that goes with ballot measures?

  • Loren

    “Ultimately, it will not be Judge Walker’s views on marriage that decide this case, but rather those of the nine Justices on the highest court in the nation.”

    Note that he says it will be decided by the views of the justices, not by the facts. Because, as we have seen today in David Boies’ brilliant cross-examination of Prof. Kenneth Miller, the Prop. 8 side simply has no facts to back up their bigoted case.

  • robert K wright 1 of 18,000 second class married couples

    B is for lawyer Boise, M is for witness Miller, and you all think the judge has it in for them? THEIR OWN WITNESS SAYS IT IS DISCRIMINATION.

    B: Any examples of discrimination against gays and lesbians in modern period?

    M: Military.

    B: Any others?

    M: Private situations about which I cannot opine, but only official discrimination of which I can think is DADT.

    B: Is that your definition, official discrimination, that is legally enforced by the state?

    M: Yes.

    B: Are you aware of any official discrimination against gays and lesbians in this country today other than DADT policy?

    M: (Thinking) I’m trying to think of other laws that are official…policies that discriminate on that basis. One thing you are looking at would be DOMA policy.

    B: There you go!

    M: That’s what you are getting at. The DOMA policy is a differentiation of the treatment between gays and lesbians.

  • Susan R Barnes

    God forbid documents and videos be allowed in the courtroom! If that happened, the people of the State of California (and the rest of the world) might actually be shown the prejudice that was at the heart of the Prop 8 campaign.

    Let’s not forget that it is the Defense (the anti gay marriage folks) who argued successfully to bar videotaping and delayed broadcast of this trial. After following the live blogging and official court transcripts of this trial for two weeks, it is obvious to me why the defense fought so hard against broadcast: fear of the truth reaching a larger audience. Good luck with that! The truth will come out one way or another. In the meantime, keep on trying to hide, hide, hide.

  • sandyc954

    You can always count on there being a cry of judicial activism by those the ruling goes against their views and with of those with whom they disagree.
    There is this little thing called the Bill of Rights, where we are supposed to have equal protection of the laws.
    The hysterical untruths (and videos to sway voters) do not alter that reality.
    Majority voting to “differentiate” these people from those people, really???
    Miller goes on to say there are more definitions in the dictionary, same goes for the word marriage.

  • loldefense

    Good God, Man!! Boies tore the defense a new one on the stand today

  • David Mudkips

    Pugno is skating on very thin ice trying to impugn a judge while he’s arguing a case before him.

    If he keeps this up, he’s likely to get a slap from the bench he’ll remember for a long, long time.