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Prop. 8 Trial, Day 4 Recap

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Fresh from a U.S. Supreme Court order blocking broadcast of the trial, backers of Proposition 8 today asked the judge in the case to erase the recordings the court already made. Scott Shafer has more. Listen below or on the … Continue reading »

Job Security for a Courtroom Sketch Artist

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Among those who were relieved when the Supreme Court blocked transmission of court video was courtroom sketch artist, Vicki Behringer.

Paging Rose Mary Woods

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Yesterday’s 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on broadcasting the trial was a big win for backers of Prop. 8. Just to make sure these tapes never see the light of day, Prop. 8’s attorneys asked that all further recordings be stopped and that existing tapes be deleted.

Newsom: Proposition 8 Supporter?

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From the start, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has been one of the biggest backers of same-sex marriage. So it was a little startling to see him on a courtroom video Wednesday being used to make the case for Proposition 8.

Letter Focus of Intense Questioning

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A campaign letter from Dr. William Tam, one of the official sponsors of Prop. 8, was the focus of intense questioning Wednesday at the Prop 8 trial. Listen to Scott Shafer’s report about it, heard this morning on The California … Continue reading »