Prop. 8 Campaign at Center of Debate

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Who ever thought a video of a legal deposition could be riveting? But it was! This morning a plaintiffs' attorney showed a tape of Dr. William Tam, one of the official proponents of Prop. 8. In his video deposition shown in court, he talked about concerns that exposure to the gay lifestyle will encourage kids to experiment with "homosexual lifestyles," which "comes with all kinds of disease."

This comes in the midst of a legal battle over the messaging of Prop. 8. Was it merely about allowing parents to control what information about gay marriage is given to their kids, or was it based on stereotypes aimed at demonizing gays and lesbians and instilling fear in voters? Prop 8 proponents say the former, but the plaintiffs are hoping to convince Judge Walker that animosity toward gays was the basis for Prop 8's campaign. And if that's the case, it would support plaintiffs’ argument that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional … and that gays and lesbians deserve the same kind of legal protections accorded to racial minorities.

The attorney for Proposition 8 described Dr. Tam's English as being "festooned with errors," meaning because it's not his native language, his words should not be precisely interpreted.

Dr. Tam will be called in person later in the trial.

You can hear more about Dr. Tam's deposition on this afternoon's episode of KQED Radio News. Listen below or on the program's web site.

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