What's George Washington Got to Do With It?

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George Washington

George Washington

This just in from the Prop 8 trial: The father of our country was sterile! That's right -- according to expert testimony on the history of marriage presented in federal court this morning, George Washington was unable to produce children. Professor Nancy Cott of Harvard testified that many of his contemporaries saw this is an advantage because without any sons, Washington couldn't establish a hereditary monarchy. The question went to the issue of whether marriage historically has been intended primarily to promote procreation. Tell that to Martha Washington!

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  • Mike Virgintino

    Washington’s condition probably was due to contracting smallpox in his younger days. He wanted children. He loved children. He probably did not know why he and Martha could not have children. 200+ years ago science had not advanced to determine why a couple could not have children.

    For this to be brought up and have any bearing on the trial is absurd. Introduce anything, twist it to support your cause and hope everyone believes you. Anyone who gave credence to inserting Washington into this issue is part of the problem.