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'We're Regular People'

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This week Jeffrey Zarrillo and Paul Katami stepped into legal history — and the media spotlight — as two of the plaintiffs challenging Proposition 8. I caught up with them this afternoon in a hallway of the courthouse to ask them about their experiences this week.

Theodore Channeling Thurgood?

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When attorney Theodore Olson announced he was taking up the cause of gay marriage and challenging Prop. 8, many liberal (and conservative for that matter) jaws dropped. The left was suspicious — why would the former U.S. Solicitor General under … Continue reading »

Fresh Air in the Courtroom

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Very dry, scholarly testimony on the history and meaning of marriage was enlivened in the federal courtroom this morning with the playing of a 2004 Terry Gross interview.

What's George Washington Got to Do With It?

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This morning at the Prop 8 trial, one witness reached far back in our nation’s history to make her point.