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Prop. 8 Trial Goes Quiet, For Now

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After both sides on the Prop. 8 legal battle rested their case Wednesday morning, District Court Judge Vaughn Walker called the case he’s presiding over “fascinating.”

Sex on Trial

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On the final day of testimony, there were more contentious exchanges between plaintiffs’ attorney David Boies and David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values. Boies was pushing Blankenhorn on his assertion that marriage is intended to facilitate sex between men and women.

Risks and Benefits

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The risks and benefits of same-sex marriage took center stage yesterday at the federal trial challenging California’s Proposition 8.

Whose Side Are You On?

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The most contentious exchanges of the trial happened this afternoon. They were between David Blankenhorn, President of the Institute for American Values in New York, and plaintiffs’ attorney David Boies.

Home-Field Advantage?

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Critics of same-sex marriage have wondered if holding this trial in San Francisco wasn’t a kind of “home-field advantage” for Prop. 8 opponents.

Black and Blue

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Judge Walker criticized the defense this morning, saying: “There’s something about pots and kettles complaining…”

Prop. 8 Defense Will Be Brief

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Lawyers defending Proposition 8 called their first witness yesterday — and they may call their last one today.

Judging the Judge

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Is Judge Walker biased in this case? Proposition 8 defenders think he may be.

Anti-Gay-Marriage Videos Admitted Into Evidence

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Week 3 of the Prop. 8 federal trial began with a skirmish over evidence. At issue are videos of religious rallies that occurred during the campaign for Prop. 8 and whether they should be admitted into evidence.

Week Two Ends, What's Next?

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What can we expect in the remaining (scheduled) days of the trial?