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Producers of independent documentaries turn to KQED Presents to maximize national and international distribution for their productions. KQED, the most watched public television station during primetime, offers comprehensive programs and services to clients by giving them maximum reach, technical expertise, and unprecedented reporting.

Each year KQED takes on a limited number of completed productions (or productions that will be fully completed by the producer) for national public television broadcast. KQED customizes the services it offers to producers to effectively and efficiently guide the programs through the public television system.

Publicist contact info for KQED’s Presentations can be found at the bottom of each press release.

Latest News

Roadtrip Nation – Changing Gears

Grease monkey. Motorhead. The slang we use for vehicle technicians depicts the job as a down and dirty trade rather than a highly-skilled craft. Roadtrip Nation’s new one-hour special, Changing Gears, dispels long-held perceptions of technician work, opening up the hood on a rapidly accelerating industry that’s driven by advanced training, specialized skills, and mastery […]

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Freaks, Sneaks and Everything In Between: ‘Film School Shorts’ Returns

Film School Shorts returns for a fourth season with the best short student films from across the country.

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Travel the Globe from South Korea to Ireland in Season 9 of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope

After eight seasons and 106 episodes, airing on public television stations throughout the United States, executive producers Joseph and Julie Rosendo present a new season of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope.

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KQED’s Joanne Weir Gets Fresh Inspires Restaurant Menu

Picnic on Third offers tastes of series’ dishes on Wednesday, March 23 SAN FRANCSCIO – March 8, 2016 – KQED will help celebrate the second season of Joanne Weir Gets Fresh with a menu inspired by the award-winning cooking teacher, author, restaurateur, and television personality on March 23, 2016 at Picnic on Third. Joanne Weir […]

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Roadtrip Nation’s Ready to Rise Offers Inspiration for “Disconnected Youth”

An estimated 5.5 million young Americans aren’t working and aren’t in school. Join three of them in the Green RV as they explore the road to success. They aren’t in school, and they don’t have jobs. An estimated 5.5 million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 – that’s 1 out of 7 […]

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The Second Season of Joanne Weir Gets Fresh Takes Viewers on a Culinary Adventure

  Award-winning and internationally admired cooking teacher, author, restaurateur, and television personality Joanne Weir enters season two of her 9th KQED cooking series with Joanne Weir Gets Fresh. Showcasing Joanne working side-by-side with guest students in her own San Francisco kitchen, the exciting new series is designed to provide a fresh approach for home chefs […]

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In Defense of Food, based on the bestselling book, makes it simple to enjoy food and health

Join Michael Pollan on a fascinating journey to find out what we should eat to be healthy. Eating is one of the universal joys of life, but increasingly, it’s becoming hard to enjoy food and stay healthy. Especially with the holidays ahead! Just in time for all those New Year’s resolutions, best-selling author Michael Pollan […]

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“The New Environmentalists” Showcases Victories From Myanmar to Scotland

Robert Redford tells the inspiring stories of six environmental heroes who are safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources. Yes, there still exists a lake so clean, you can drink water right out of it … and yes, a mining company tried to drain it to dig a pit mine. Such is the fate of our planet […]

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From Star Wars to Snap Judgment, Season 12 of Roadtrip Nation Focuses on Careers in Design

With its focus on careers in design, the twelfth season of Roadtrip Nation features conversations with award-winning artists, animators and sound designers from hits like Disney’s Frozen, Pixar’s Toy Story, the Star Wars franchise and NPR’s Snap Judgment. Whether you’re searching for career guidance or just a fan of pop culture, you’ll want to join […]

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Travel the Globe from Taiwan to Toronto in Season 8 of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope scours the globe for the very best in travel opportunities for its viewers.  Whether it’s places close to home, like this season’s series of shows on Ontario, Canada — a province larger and more varied than much of Europe — or far-flung adventures such as Taiwan by rail or always-surprising South Korea, […]

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