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Producers of independent documentaries turn to KQED Presents to maximize national and international distribution for their productions. KQED, the most watched public television station during primetime, offers comprehensive programs and services to clients by giving them maximum reach, technical expertise, and unprecedented reporting.

Each year KQED takes on a limited number of completed productions (or productions that will be fully completed by the producer) for national public television broadcast. KQED customizes the services it offers to producers to effectively and efficiently guide the programs through the public television system.

Publicist contact info for KQED’s Presentations can be found at the bottom of each press release.

Latest News

“The New Environmentalists” Showcases Victories From Myanmar to Scotland

Robert Redford tells the inspiring stories of six environmental heroes who are safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources. Yes, there still exists a lake so clean, you can drink water right out of it … and yes, a mining company tried to drain it to dig a pit mine. Such is the fate of our planet […]

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From Star Wars to Snap Judgment, Season 12 of Roadtrip Nation Focuses on Careers in Design

With its focus on careers in design, the twelfth season of Roadtrip Nation features conversations with award-winning artists, animators and sound designers from hits like Disney’s Frozen, Pixar’s Toy Story, the Star Wars franchise and NPR’s Snap Judgment. Whether you’re searching for career guidance or just a fan of pop culture, you’ll want to join […]

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Travel the Globe from Taiwan to Toronto in Season 8 of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope scours the globe for the very best in travel opportunities for its viewers.  Whether it’s places close to home, like this season’s series of shows on Ontario, Canada — a province larger and more varied than much of Europe — or far-flung adventures such as Taiwan by rail or always-surprising South Korea, […]

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First-generation college students ask Why Not Us? in a new one-hour special from Roadtrip Nation

College is never easy, but it poses real challenges for students who are the first in their families to attend. Join four such students as they hit the road in the green RV seeking guidance and hope. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz, now worth $2.5 billion, was the first in his family to attend […]

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KQED Presents: Joanne Weir Gets Fresh – A New Culinary Journey for Viewers

Joanne Weir Gets Fresh carries forward the success of her previous award-winning PBS TV series “Joanne Weir’s Cooking Confidence” with 15 brand new shows. Series Description: Joanne Weir is back and ready to get fresh with a brand new series! The award-winning cooking instructor, author and television personality returns with 15 new episodes of adventures […]

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The New Environmentalists is back with a fourth Emmy win and more good news for the planet

Robert Redford tells the inspiring stories of six environmental heroes who are safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources. With an environmental crisis the size of our planet, it’s no wonder many of us feel helpless. In this year’s remarkable installment of The New Environmentalists, however, people who thought they didn’t have the power are realizing that it’s […]

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Ultimate Restorations (re)makes history

KQED presents a new eight-part series, Ultimate Restorations, featuring the spellbinding restorations of irreplaceable masterpieces. Antiques Roadshow meets This Old House in Ultimate Restorations, an eight-part series featuring the marvels of engineering from America’s grand history of ambition and innovation. From the 1880s through World War II, the United States advanced the science of aeronautics, propulsion, navigation and sound with inventions that were both functional […]

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Becoming California traces environmental change from early geology to human engineering

New environmental documentary by Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Kit Tyler reconciles humans and nature.

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Martin Yan Returns to Public Television with Taste of Vietnam, Premiering This Fall

KQED presents the first season of Martin Yan’s Taste of Vietnam, hosted by the renowned chef Martin Yan in his return to public television.  Series Description:  Martin Yan is back! In his new show, Martin Yan’s Taste of Vietnam, Martin showcases the country’s breathtaking landscapes, its bustling cities, and, of course, its delicious cuisine. Premiering in September […]

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Season Eleven of Roadtrip Nation to Premiere This Fall

Roadtrip Nation is a weekly half-hour documentary series that tracks the up-close and personal journeys of young adults as they travel the country interviewing inspiring leaders from all walks of life. Roadtrip Productions and KQED are proud to announce the premiere of Roadtrip Nation: Season Eleven launching in September 2014, distributed through American Public Television to public […]

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