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Michael Isip is the vice president, television content for KQED.

Michael Isip is the vice president, television content for KQED.

KQED Public Television, one of the country’s most popular public television stations, brings the values of public media to homes around the Bay Area with Emmy Award–winning programming that inspires, informs and entertains. KQED Public Television produces local series like Check, Please! Bay Area, This Week in Northern California, Truly CA, San Francisco Opera and ImageMakers as well as popular programs for national broadcast such as Essential Pépin, QUEST and Film School Shorts. KQED Public Television also distributes programming to public media stations across the country including The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, Roadtrip Nation and  Joanne Weir’s Cooking School. kqed.org/tv

KQED Public Television channels are KQED 9 (San Francisco/Bay Area, also available in HD), KQED Plus (Bay Area, also available in HD) and KQET (Monterey/Salinas).

KQED also offers digital channels available via XFINITY and over-the-air, each with distinct quality programming: KQED World, KQED Life, KQED Kids and KQED V-me (Spanish language).

Latest News

The 11th Season of KQED’s Truly California Premieres October 25 with Last Day of Freedom

The powerful animated documentary film is a very personal exploration of how capital punishment impacts the families of those who are executed.

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KQED Launches “Love in the Digital Age”

New podcast series features humorous, heart wrenching and it-just-got-complicated first person, mini-documentaries about technology and love.

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KQED Celebrates Big Blue Live with Special Reports and Events Starting August 28

In their first live natural history collaboration, PBS and BBC are presenting Big Blue Live — a three-night television and online event.

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“The New Environmentalists” Showcases Victories From Myanmar to Scotland

Robert Redford tells the inspiring stories of six environmental heroes who are safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources. Yes, there still exists a lake so clean, you can drink water right out of it … and yes, a mining company tried to drain it to dig a pit mine. Such is the fate of our planet […]

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KQED News Series “Immigrant Shift” Explores the Changing California Workforce

One out of every three working people in California is an immigrant – and their share has grown in recent decades.

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Jacques Pépin’s Final Series, Heart & Soul, Premieres in September

After more than 60 years in the kitchen and nearly three decades in front of public television audiences, his final cooking series, Jacques Pépin: Heart & Soul is here.

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From Star Wars to Snap Judgment, Season 12 of Roadtrip Nation Focuses on Careers in Design

With its focus on careers in design, the twelfth season of Roadtrip Nation features conversations with award-winning artists, animators and sound designers from hits like Disney’s Frozen, Pixar’s Toy Story, the Star Wars franchise and NPR’s Snap Judgment. Whether you’re searching for career guidance or just a fan of pop culture, you’ll want to join […]

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Travel the Globe from Taiwan to Toronto in Season 8 of Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope scours the globe for the very best in travel opportunities for its viewers.  Whether it’s places close to home, like this season’s series of shows on Ontario, Canada — a province larger and more varied than much of Europe — or far-flung adventures such as Taiwan by rail or always-surprising South Korea, […]

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KQED, FRONTLINE, Univision, IRP and Reveal from CIR Reteam to Uncover Sexual Abuse of Women in the Janitorial Industry

New Investigation Builds on Award-Winning 2013 Collaboration, Rape in the Fields/Violación de un Sueño Every night, as most of us head home, janitors across America, many of them women, begin their night shift. They are often alone or isolated in empty buildings — and vulnerable to sexual violence. Following up on the award-winning collaboration that […]

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Found: The Rejected, first documentary about gay people to air on American television

Unseen for more than 50 years, KQED’s groundbreaking documentary resurfaces and is now available online for LGBT Pride Month. SAN FRANCISCO, June 5, 2015 – KQED, the public media organization serving Northern California, and the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive, part of the special collections department at San Francisco State University’s J. Paul Leonard […]

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