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Starting a New Life and Putting a Stop to Health Problems

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“Good morning!” says Silvia Cruz as she greets women who enter her nutrition center.

“It’s five dollars for a shake and the zumba class, or three dollars for the zumba class only,” she says as she’s collecting the money and putting it into a metal box.

Five years ago when Cruz and her husband Roberto Garcia came to the United States, they never imagined they would have their own business. The couple has been married for 25 years. After living a comfortable and stable life in Mexico, Roberto abruptly lost his job.

My Own Rocky Road to a Healthier Wilmington

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n September 2010, I was having dinner with my family when I received a text from my friend, Kat Madrigal, who told me that my name was on the Wilmington Neighborhood Council agenda. She was at the meeting and saw that the council was going to vote on my application to be a Member at Large. I was puzzled, because while I had applied, I did not know I was being considered that night.

Then I wondered, “If I am voted in as a member of the WNC how will I be able to make a difference in my community?”

Kat instantly texted me, “I think you should come.”

I was voted in that night– one of three members-at-large on a council of up to 23 people. Now almost two years later I am honored to still sit on the board along with others who represent Wilmington residents, businesses, non-profits, senior citizens, education institutions, parks, churches and our youth.

Trying to Help Students Swap Hot Cheetos for Healthier Fare at Banning High

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Edamame, couscous, asparagus and more fruits are among some of the foods that will be served during lunch by Los Angeles Unified School District in the fall.

The federal government recently adopted new rules to make school lunches healthier, and at Phineas Banning High School in Wilmington vegetables, more servings of fruits and grains have been served since the beginning of the school year.

Foods like vegetarian calzones and even Mexican inspired dishes like the popular stew pozole have been incorporated into the menu, but it has been a challenge for high school students to replace Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with apples.

Spike in Killings in Wilmington Has Residents Feeling Unsafe

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Only two months since the New Year and it’s already been a rough one for Wilmington. There have been eight murders in the Harbor Area since the beginning of the year and seven of them occurred in Wilmington.

This is extremely high considering that other parts of Los Angeles haven’t had any homicides. After the first killing January 2, when 28-year-old Cristian Zugey Alvarez was found slain in bushes near train tracks, residents have been living in paranoia.

Harbor-UCLA Getting a Multi-Million Dollar Overhaul

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Los Angeles County is investing more than $300 million to renovate Harbor-UCLA Medical Center to improve services at the 72-acre campus.

In 2009 County supervisors approved the expansion of the emergency room and renovation of the surgical ward. That work is nearly complete.