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School Lunch Program: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Back in the day, school lunches were just that, school lunches. There was no breakfast, snack, or dinner, no matter how many hours you were in the classroom. Today, school lunches, and afterschool snack programs provide a much needed nutritional benefit for a majority of children who might be poorly fed or in some cases, not fed at all.

In the Elk Grove Unified School District, in Elk Grove California (South Sacramento), Kindergarten through 6th graders, in Title 1 or reduced or free lunch program schools, are provided an additional meal in the afterschool programs. Previously students received breakfast, lunch, and a snack after school, around 2:15pm. Now dinner is served around 4:15pm.

Ubuntu in South Sacramento Community

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The word Ubuntu (oo-BOON-too) describes an African philosophy. Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee translates it to mean: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” It is best summarized by Archbishop Desmond TuTu as “the essence of being human.” In South Sacramento, Ubuntu Green is a non-profit organization committed to promoting healthy, sustainable and equitable communities through advocacy, education, and community empowerment. The humanity part comes from our willingness to take care of our environment, and it, in turn, taking care of us.

That is exactly what my Oak Park neighbor, and Ubuntu Green Executive Director, had in mind, when he founded the organization in 2009. Charles Mason, Jr. talks the talk and walks the walk, when it comes to creating a cleaner environment and healthy food access.

Dancing Your Way to Good Health

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Health professionals have long exalted exercise as beneficial in helping control weight and lowering blood sugar levels. It also lowers one’s risk of heart disease, a condition that is common in people with diabetes. Exercise can also help you feel … Continue reading »

Health Issues in South Sacramento

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South Sacramento is a virtual hub of diversity: the good, the bad and the ugly. I have lived and worked here for 20 years and love the advantages and challenges to living in what most people consider the “hood.” I have never been afraid to live among my people and consider it a great daily adventure. Today, my people encompass not only African-Americans, but also a huge population of Hispanic, Russian, Asian, and Caucasian neighbors. The largest neighborhoods in South Sacramento are Meadowview and Oak Park, also called Tahoe Park, where I reside.