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Socioeconomic Status in Richmond

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Socioeconomic status is the measure of one’s work experience, income and social position. In the city of Richmond, socioeconomic status is unheard of. Our status is in such a position that many of us are unsure of where to go. Now, when people measure this, they often compare one’s status with their health, social class and overall position in life. In Richmond, where our economic status is so low that even the highest status people seem to be suffering, there is a significant need for change.

My Pledge to Keep Giving

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As the holiday season is now upon us, here’s my contemplation on the effects that giving has on Richmond’s homeless and other needy residents.

Will More Green Party Leadership Bring Environmental Change to Richmond?

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Earlier this month, incumbent Gayle McLaughlin of the Green Party was re-elected as Richmond’s mayor. Will Haynes sees this as an opportunity for his community to focus on environmental justice.

Littering is Bad, People!

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See the video at Our State of Health.

Richmond Mayoral Debate May Lead to Healthy Choice

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Monday September 20, 2010, the Ryse Center held Richmond’s mayoral debate. The debate included Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin (G), former city councilman John Ziesenhenne (D), and former mayor and current city councilman Nat Bates (D).