Summer Ending Events in Richmond Bring Promises of Social Change

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This past Saturday the Ryse Center in Richmond celebrated it’s second Annual Ryse Center Summer Jam. The Summer Jam is a “Back To School” event with performances from local Bay Area artists to create awareness for resources in the community many may not be aware of.

Events like this in our community are important because it allows the community to see that there are places in Richmond that are SAFE and SECURE where fun is amidst. One of the best parts about this event is that is was not only for Richmond. This event was for the Bay Area as a whole. This type of outreach creates openness to different environments and makes the Bay Area one giant melting pot of peace and culture.

The youth entertainers who performed at the event came from across the Bay Area, including Youth Movement Records (YMR) from Oakland and The Ryse Center’s own Media Arts and Culture program. The performances ranged from spoken word to DJ showcases. The youth worked hard on their performances for the past few months and made sure that their performances would be second to none. I feel the youth should be proud of their accomplishments and continue pursuing their dreams of musical and theatrical perfection.

The Ryse Center is a center for youth ages 14-22 in the Bay Area who seek resources, social change and sometimes just a place to hang out. The Ryse Center is a neutral space for all people of all kinds and is open to anyone who is accepting of others.

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About Will Haynes

William Haynes is a pro-peace environmentalist, self-proclaimed leader of the Nerd Movement, community activist and a senior at John F. Kennedy High School in Richmond, California. He may be best known for his vlogging and blogging (, as well as his work as a youth organizer at The Ryse Center, where he focuses his efforts on the “pro-peace movement” and non-violent action. William is also known to be interested in the health and sociological well-being of human kind.

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