Say ‘I Love You’ with Bay Area-Themed Valentines

| February 13, 2014
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Here are some Bay Area-themed Valentines to make that special someone’s heart flutter.

Share, copy or print to your heart’s content.  Now you can’t say that the only thing you ever got from KQED was a  tote bag! And if you think you can one-up us with more clever Valentines, leave your ideas at the bottom of the page. We might add to the collection, or keep them in mind for next year. (And keep it SFW, please. Best to leave off references to Twin Peaks and the Tenderloin.)

Valentines designed by Olivia Hubert-Allen. Copy by Dan Brekke, David Marks, Olivia Hubert-Allen, Kelly Dunleavy O’Mara and Gabriel Coan.


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(Created with photo by Deborah Svoboda)

An astute commenter pointed out that this is actually a sea lion. Oops! But “You get my sea lion of approval” just doesn’t have the same ring.
(Created with photo by latteda/Flickr)



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Olivia Allen-Price is an interactive and engagement producer with KQED News. She is the voice behind KQEDNews accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Her experience in web journalism includes major newspapers such as The Baltimore Sun and The Virginian-Pilot. Follow her on Twitter at @oallenprice and on Instagram @oallenprice. Reach Olivia Allen-Price at
  • Ian Hill

    You guys are awesome.

  • Sigh.

    That is a goddamn sea lion, not a seal.

    • Jens Emil Ravn Nielsen

      I am pretty sure that is a seal.

      • Pinnipedestrian

        It’s a sea lion. Here’s the photo it was made from:

        Now, the caption on the photo incorrectly says it is a seal, but look at the ear flaps and flippers and whiskers, all of which are much easier to see in the unfiltered photo: it’s a sea lion. A California sea lion, to be specific.

        • Jens Emil Ravn Nielsen

          I stand corrected. Thank you.

    • KQED Moderator

      Thanks for the catch. We made a note on the Valentine.

    • Sight

      Nice language….smh

  • alicewong

    How about a pun w/ otters next year….like ‘I’m otterly in love…with myself.’ That’s my kind of Bay Area valentine: cute otters & full of narcissism

  • timshoesuntied

    Go Olivia, Dan, David, Kelly and Gabriel! These are so fun.

  • Inkspots

    What good would it do to cross a picket line?? What is this, a valentine only a scab could love? The minute a fella would cross a picket line he would plummet in my estimation! I (heart) solidarity, ha ha!