At the Press Gaggle, a Cheeky Newsom

| November 17, 2010
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File photo. Newsom on the run. (AP)

In the midst of a press gaggle yesterday, Gavin Newsom engaged in a somewhat cheeky discussion with reporters, who tried to repeatedly pin him down on the timing of his abdication of the mayor’s seat and other succession issues. An excerpt:

Newsom: In San Francisco today, extraordinarily irrelevant news.

Reporter 1: Why are you looking at me when you say that?

Newsom: I didn’t look at you! You’re always so sensitive.

Reporter 1: Uh-huh.

Reporter 2: Now that you have a better idea of the shape of the new Board of Supervisors, have you given any new thought to whether you’re going to delay your-

Newsom: No. I have nothing. I told you, next time you ask me, I’m gonna say nothing. So I’ve just said that.

Reporter 2: I have never asked you this question.

Newsom: Uhh! Well…No…

Reporter 3: So what are you going to do?

Newsom: I have no idea. I’m a concerned citizen and people should have a voice in terms of who their next mayor is.

Reporter 4: When do you plan to leave the mayor’s office?

Newsom: It’s to be determined.

Reporter 5: What’s going to make up your mind, and on what basis…

Newsom: I mean, we have literally, gosh have we gone through this 10 times. I feel like it’s deja vu but it’s sunnier today…

Listen to the whole encounter:

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