Good Read: Nine Dangerous Things You Were Taught In School

| May 9, 2012 | 2 Comments
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This inspired list hardly needs an introduction. Just goes to show that a lot of what we were taught in school — whether outright or implied — is being upended.

Be aware of the insidious and unspoken lessons you learned as a child. To thrive in the world outside the classroom, you’re going to have to unlearn them. Dangerous things you were taught in school: 1. The people in charge have all the answers. That’s why they are so wealthy and happy and […]

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  • Gericar

    Interesting perspective…however… don’t you think each of the 9 things we were supposed to be learning has some grain of truth? Take the behavior one. Learning a little self control is pretty helpful in life and your behavior is going to have a pretty big effect on how happy you are. So is learning the most effective way to challenge authority. Perhaps we should look at this using the  Always-Never scale.     

  • Rhonda Stabler

    I am not sure I was taught any of those lessons or perhaps I was either not in attendance on those days or chose to ignore the stated rules due to ow the ludicrous they sounded. Or maybe I am a rebel – that insubordinate employee…  However, it has been my experience that there are leaders of organizations that would rather employ puppets.  They want everyone to bow to them and declare them all wise and incapable of making mistakes.  I didn’t last long at those places.  1.  If the people in charge were always the happiest  then why as well do they quite often seem to be the most cantankerous, mean and controlling of people?  2. Learning never ends when you leave the classroom and if a person believes that they in my opinion never understood the point of learning in the classroom.  3.  I think this rule depends on what rules you are following and why 4.  If you are talking about the Bible – yes it is always true.  If you are talking about school books then one just needs to read one fully to understand that this rule is simply not true. 5.  When i went to school this was not a rule they taught – it was after I was in my 20’s and technology was becoming the “world ruler” it has become that I was told this rule.  I bought into this one and I have to say… I am NOT so sure I should have.  6.  Isn’t this the same as rule 3? 7.  In no way does IQ or standardized tests measure your value… has anyone watched Big Bang Theory? hmmm….???  8. If a person prefers days off to days working well then it is my opinion that they are….. HUMAN!!!  Come on, let’s be realistic, while one can and should enjoy what they do days off are or should be more fun.  Unless your day off is spent doing something you don’t like doing. 9. this one seems an extension of rule number 5.  I wanted to be an advertising exec… this has not happened though I have done a lot of advertising spots for several companies.  

    All in all, those rules do ring true in many ways and in many ways they don’t.  I think it depends on the career one chooses or the life path one chooses for themselves.