The Best Chicken Waterer

This is the story about bringing innovation to a class of products where there has been no significant improvements for decades, or perhaps longer. Specifically, to creating an improved chicken waterer for urban farmers, homesteaders and poultry hobbyists.

I’m a gardener and beekeeper. A few years ago, my son’s elementary school had a flock of chickens for adoption. I took on the schools chickens and built a coop and run for them. I also purchased a plastic feeders and waterer to give food and water to this small flock.

While the feeder works reasonably well, the waterer was another story. Traditional plastic and galvanized waterers dispense water into an open pan that is easily contaminated by dirt, debris and droppings. Once contaminated, the water is unsanitary for the birds and it’s an unpleasant task for the flock owner to clean the waterer.

Commercial poultry operations solved the dirty water problem years ago, but there are no such solutions for people with just small flocks of birds. Since no one else was making a better mousetrap, I decided to create the BriteTap waterer. The product was launched on August 17, 2012.

The BriteTap waterer has a closed-system design that shields water from contamination. Chickens drink from special valves on the bottom. The BriteTap waterer can be mounted on any food-grade plastic container, but is specifically designed to fit onto a standard water cooler such as those sold under the Igloo or Rubbermaid brand names. Just unscrew the cooler’s spigot and replace it with the BriteTap water. It can be installed in under 2 minutes and with no special tools required.

The BriteTap water is a patent pending device being manufactured for me by a contract manufacturer and sold on my web site,

The BriteTap is the first of a series of products I hope to create specifically for the urban farming, homesteading market.