sarah oliver handbags and her Purlettes +1

My friends are always trying to help me promote my story and the story of my company so it was no surprise when a link to your project landed in my in box. I am happily submitting the story of my company (see the video above). You can also view what we do on my website,, and meet the knitters (in their 80’s and 90’s) that I have hired to produce my handbags.

I wish you great success with your project!

“As the popularity for sarah oliver handbags grew, it became impossible for Sarah alone to produce enough bags to meet the surging demand….Sarah recruited her team at The Redwoods Community of Seniors in Mill Valley, California, where an incredible group of women and one man – average age 88 – have found new friendships and new meaning for their talents. Sarah’s knitting circle was established and the “Purlettes” are now the backbone of her company – not only because of their “knit one, purl two” expertise, but also because of the pearls of wisdom they impart.”

  • Kate Barrengos

    Love Sarah Oliver’s story, The Purlettes+1, and the handbags. People helping people bring a little joy into the world.