The Making Of… Kimchi

Sunhui Chang is the owner of FuseBOX, a tiny jewel of a restaurant in an unlikely industrial neighborhood in West Oakland. Sunhui’s passion is for making kimchi.

We heard about this story thanks to Sunhui’s wife who sent us an email:

Kimchi is at least 4000 years old — I am proposing the making of kimchi by sunhui chang offusebox in west oakland — kimchi has traditionally been women’s work — men rarely entered the kitchen and were usually not even allowed in the area when women make kimchi a time for them to share knowledge and gossip. sunhui (this is a female name chosen for him after his grandfather visited a fortune teller) is breaking many traditions with his name, and his work with kimchi absolutely hands on and hands deep in the process which takes hours he makes his own gochu jang also time intensive and a lost art — korean women are now coming to try his kimchi and remark how wonderful it is — in korea kimchi is spoken when taking a picture to get the big smile like us saying cheese — kimchi is it a pickle or a salad? sunhui is a humble but amazing storyteller especially about kimchi — kimchi in west oakland, ca.

-ellen sebastian chang (Sunhui Chang’s wife)