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Healing Altars

I make healing altars. I take old wood boxes, open like a book and use old paper, old or found objects. It’s important to me that I am recycling objects and using very little new material.

Each box is a story about an issue and the healing on that issue. I started them in the early 90’s for my own healing process. I was unable to continue to draw because of muscular skeletal issues from childhood abuse. Each box helped me move forward in healing myself, in forgiveness.


I started to get requests to do them for others which I did but they take a long time to do. I came to believe that everyone could do their own box because they really weren’t artwork, they were a spiritual journey. I love my boxes because they manifest something from deep within that wants expression, that wants to be seen. What other people think about them doesn’t change how I feel about them, which is good since the art world isn’t crazy about them. I believe everyone no matter what their skill level can love what they create. Everyone wants to be seen.

If people love what they do they return the energy they’ve taken from the earth.

I gathered materials and with the help of meditation and Chi Gong, people do their own healing altar. They focus on the process – the journey, what the materials are telling them. And they do love their box.

I also included photos of my Christmas tree because really it’s the same thing as my boxes. Takes me 3 days to decorate with things made or collected since I was 18. I keep it up for 2 months. It is my light in the winter darkness.

Mine is a small story. Feels good just to send it out there. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Caroline Kenner

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your work, especially the gorgeous Yule tree! Your assemblage art is transformative. These little altars can heal people–and through individual healing, we can heal the world. Blessings and gratitude!

  • jaxmom

    I think the boxes are amazing, and the tree is simply beyond incredible. I love this story.

  • Katie Dell Kaufman

    The box alters are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing them!

    Small stories are the real stories.

  • Gretchen Crilly McKay

    Beautiful healing boxes. I can see how powerful the experience would be for each person. Thank you for sharing this process!

  • Mary Stoffel

    Lovely! What a great healing expression.