Enough To Love

Caroline Warner is making a project called Enough To Love:

Listen to the first piece of the series here:

  • Louise Laemmlen

    I think your project is really lovely, loving, needed, essential as a different path for women. As a mother of three, a high school teacher, and advocate for children I love the notion of child-free women being able to give their power, intelligence, love, and inner resources in ways that women with kids can’t. Being a mother is hugely demanding, disorienting, and often unfulfilling. I wrote a book about that which I think might offer an interesting perspective for women in your group. Ultimately, in writing the book I had to convince myself that the path I had chosen was right for me, but I honor the women on your recording for their strength and self knowledge. For women, not having kids is a doorway to something. And yes, there is already “Enough to Love” out there. My book is called “Failed Feminist to Woman Warrior”. Here is the link if you want to check it out: