El Arbol, the Bike Tree

I have been building custom music bikes with ever more imaginative forms and shapes for the past 10 years. My most immediately recognizable bike is El Arbol, the Bike Tree. This top/bottom tandem looks like a 15′ tall tree that rides through the city while playing music. I built most of it in my driveway after getting help from a local welder on the frame. It has deployable ‘Roots’ that swing out at low speeds, turning it into a stable quadricycle.

The trunk of the tree is hollow and translucent, with beautiful integrated lighting. There are speakers in the trunk that use the internal air volume as their resonating cavity. The rear branch of the Bike Tree is strong enough for an aerial dancer to spin and flip. We immobilize the tree and elevate the rear wheel at music events, turning it into a component of Rock The Bike’s Pedal Powered Stage, a concert sound system completely powered by people, with great bass!

Here are two photosets documenting the build: Part 1, Part 2.

And here’s a photoset showing the Bike Tree in use.