Characters In Development

I make characters and then animate them into films. I’m an artist and filmmaker. Here are 2 characters I’m working on with comedian, actor, and writer Karin Babbitt:

Stacey is interviewing Marty Buczwinnic for a job: Vice Pre-Auditor of Digital Technology and Data Mining, Artificial Lawn Division. She is emphasizing the importance of the job while also noting how particularly fabulous her sinewy legs look in the new boots she bought to conduct these damn interviews. Having stolen Betsey Johnson’s signature coif for this high level position she now has, she remains cautiously hopeful that Betsey, having just filed for bankruptcy, will let go of any hard feelings.

Marty Buczwinnic feels himself tangibly morphing into a member of the rat race, as once more, he finds himself lying about his experience to earn a position with even the possibility of minimal health care.