A Parrot’s Life for Me

In 2006, a neighbor found a stray lovebird and ask me to come and catch it so we could find it’s home. I didn’t know anything about parrots but it became truly apparent that there was something awfully wrong. I hunted down a family friend who is an avian veterinarian. Doc managed to pull my new friend through and since nobody ever called to claim her, I began the challenging task of providing a good home for a parrot. It was more challenging than ever I could have imagined.

Under the guidance of companion bird vets, behaviorists and experienced caretakers, I began to build and create to accelerate Orlando’s (as she is now known) recovery and provide optimum conditions for health and quality of life. With 25 years in the trades and manual arts experience of all kinds, it was just the most natural thing for me to do. Perches, playscapes, toys and my first outdoor aviary all followed and, soon enough, so did a new career.

In 2008 I opened Birdie Buddy, a business designed to help people with bird companions provide optimal quality of life and health for their avian companions. Parrots are highly intelligent and need many kinds of mental and sensory stimulation. For their best health, time outdoors is a must. In my role as a Birdie Buddy, I design and furnish birdrooms, design and build outdoor enclosures of all shapes and sizes and build custom playscapes and perches.

Each and every creation is intended to foster engaging activities like foraging, play, exercise, socialization and fun, healthy interactions between parrots and their people. I am now known as an Avian Environmental Designer though my neighbors just call me The Bird Monk.

Most of my clients are Bay Area folk looking to expand quality of life and health for their avian companions. I have worked with and for healthy, recovering and special needs birds of many sizes and species. Safe, high quality environments and enrichment are my passion and my specialty.

My personal flock now includes Orlando Lovebird, a special needs Blue & Gold Macaw, Lola and a handsome Conure, Oscar, whose specialty is dog tricks. Am I lucky or what?

  • Sophie P.

    You are LUCKY and TALENTED! Just shared this expose’ of your passion with my kids. It’s wonderful for them to see someone seeking their bliss and finding it… with success! My daughter says she wants two parrots. :)