Auct 2012 invite_front

The Making of an Art Auction

October 15, 2012

Root Division, the Mission District arts and arts education non-profit, is a vast network of makers, educators, curators, and artists. They’re holding an art auction later this month to help fund their programs, including their studios program that benefits emerging artists and their youth education program that provides free art classes throughout San Francisco schools. … more…


The Making Of… the Homobile

October 8, 2012

A Story of Transportation, Civil Rights, and Glitter. Homobile is a noncommercial, 24/7, queer car service created by Lynnee Breedlove for the LGBT community and others around San Francisco who need safe, dependable rides. The volunteer collective operates with a suggested donation $1 a minute. People text their address with cross street and name to … more…


The Making of… Poetry in the Bay Area

October 2, 2012

California writer, Dana Gioia, takes a look at poetry in California in the new BBC radio special, “After the Goldrush.” California is the richest, most populous state in America. An economic and technical powerhouse it has also been the engine of artistic development, especially in poetry. The Beats of the 1950s spring to mind – … more…


The Arion Press

September 28, 2012

The remarkable folks at Arion Press, Diana Ketcham and Andrew Hoyem, sent this note after they heard the first story in the series. Their type is composed and cast on the premises by M & H, the oldest and largest type foundry still operating in this country. “How about fitting in the people who make … more…


The Making Of… Kimchi

September 27, 2012

Hi all, We launched The Making Of… on KQED on Tuesday and the calls and notes and tweets and videos have been pouring in. This email caught our eye and we thought it might catch yours as well: kimchi is at least 4000 years old — I am proposing the making of kimchi by sunhui … more…

bay_bridge_villareal play

The Bay Lights

September 26, 2012

From our intern, Nora Kroopf: Some people look at the Bay Bridge and see a way to get to Berkeley. Some people look at the Bay Bridge and see a canvas, an art project, an installation, like Ben Davis, founder of Words, Pictures, Ideas, a creative marketing agency passionate about social and civic projects. Ben … more…


The Call for Stories

September 24, 2012

Story #1: The Call. Today, The Kitchen Sisters & KQED launch The Making Of… what people make in the Bay Area and why. The Making Of… is a community documentary project, that chronicles the art, creativity and invention going on in backyards, workplaces, cultural hot spots and public spaces throughout one of the most diverse … more…

Sugar Skulls

Treats for the Dead

September 17, 2012

From our intern, Lauren Benichou: At the beginning of November, thousands of folks across the Bay Area will celebrate El Día de Los Muertos by building altars ornamented with marigolds, pictures of lost loved ones, pan dulce and… sugar skulls. With November fast approaching, a story on the making of sugar skulls seems timely. Before … more…


Barry McGee

September 14, 2012

When you walk by the Berkeley Art Museum, your eye is immediately drawn to the word, “Snitch” spray painted in huge letters on the museum’s Bancroft side and just like that you are swept into the world of Barry McGee. His current midcareer exhibit at BAM/PFA is open until December 9th and gives us a … more…

chinesetamales play

Chinese Tamales

September 11, 2012

From our friend and former intern, Patty Fung: My grandmother has been making Jung, or Chinese Tamales, in her home in San Francisco’s Sunset District for a long time. It was a recipe passed down by her husband’s mother and I had a chance to learn all about her way of preparing Jung while I … more…