The Making Of… the Homobile

Airing Tuesday on KQED during Morning Edition

A Story of Transportation, Civil Rights, and Glitter.

Homobile is a noncommercial, 24/7, queer car service created by Lynnee Breedlove for the LGBT community and others around San Francisco who need safe, dependable rides. The volunteer collective operates with a suggested donation $1 a minute. People text their address with cross street and name to 415-574-5023.

Lynnee Breedlove, founder of Homobiles, was the frontperson of the first American out dyke punk band Tribe 8, which has always stood for queer, transgender, multiracial, and working class visibility,



Produced by The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva)
with Julia DeWitt & Nathan Dalton
Mixed by Jim McKee & Andrew Roth

Special Thanks: Armistead Maupin & Christoper Turner, Lynnee Breedlove, Justin Vivian Bond, Lance Horne, Becka Shertzer, Godiva Chocolatier, Pop-Up Magazine, Donna Summer, Le Tigre, Tribe 8, and all the Homobile drivers and their supporters across the Bay Area.

  • mr sophie

    Great short on Homobiles. Thanks for posting! P.S. You forgot to thank Gloria Gaynor.

  • Pam Bradford

    I’m a Queen’s mom and I always use HoMobiles when I”m in San Francisco. I started because I wanted to support them financially in whatever way I could. I continue because they are sweet and reliable folks and I feel very comfortable with all the drivers I’ve had.

  • trudee

    I just want Lynne Brredlove to come to my house & pick me up. .

    • trudee

      I’m so sorry I spelt his name wrong; either way I hope Homobiles comes to NOVA;

  • Raquel Santiago

    Problem is now they are overbooking and rarely available when needed.