Nuclear agreement


Confused about Iran? Three Multimedia Resources Explaining the Nuclear Drama

New signs of progress recently emerged In America’s seemingly endless nuclear negotiations with Iran, when the financially-strapped Islamic nation agreed to limit its nuclear production and allow outside inspections in exchange for the U.S. lifting its crippling economic sanctions.  Continue reading

Six Good Resources to Help Make Some Sense of Iran’s Nuclear Agreement

Includes resource roundup

Secretary of State John Kerry and leaders from five other world powers reached a temporary agreement early Sunday with Iran on its controversial nuclear program. The deal, good for six months while a more conclusive arrangement is negotiated, is intended to curb the development of Iran’s nuclear program. In exchange, there will be an easing of international sanctions against Iran, that have long crippled its economy. Although criticized by Israel and a host other nations that remain highly skeptical of Iran’s intentions, the deal has been hailed as a historic diplomatic breakthrough, a step forward after roughly a decade of failed negotiations. Continue reading