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California Voting Got You Down? Check Out This Interactive Election Guide

Let’s face it: voting in California can be downright daunting. Ballots are typically long and confusing, with lots of complicated propositions and non-sexy political races that you might not feel fully prepared — or interested — in weighing in on. And this being a midterm election, voter participation is expected to drop significantly from 2012. That said, there are some pretty important local and statewide issues at stake.

Despite the political fatigue most of us likely feel from the season’s less-than-charming barrage of campaign ads and mailings, it really is in our best interest, as voters, to study up and make informed decisions at the polls — lest we find ourselves with leaders and laws we never bargained for. To get you prepped for the statewide races, KQED’s Election Watch 2014 team prepared this nifty — and objective — campaign guide that explains everything from what a controller does to the politics of medical malpractice. Read up and take it with you to the polls (on your device or printed out). Don’t worry, it’s not considered cheating.