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Crunch Time

We're about to have our weekly JK Show meeting -- to talk about upcoming programs, possible guests, etc. -- and I'm catching my breath for a moment.

In the next week and a half, we'll be taping five shows (three more than usual), in preparation for our Nov.-Dec. taping hiatus. My series producer, Lori Halloran, will be going on maternity leave (I like to think that working with me has prepared her for dealing with a small child) -- and I figured that, rather than bring in a substitute producer, the whole show should go on maternity leave as well.

Actually, I personally won't be having a new baby during that period. Rather, I'll be working on my upcoming stage monologue, Citizen Josh (opening next May 9 at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco): mostly touring college campuses, doing improvisations about democracy and talking with folks about politics. I'm really looking forward to it.

But in order for us to stockpile enough episodes of this program to tide us over till January, we're doing a whole lot of them now (and with fabulous guests!). This kind of schedule puts a strain on my usual habit of working for a little bit, then spending a long time decompressing and gloating about having finished that task, followed by a rising panic as I realize that I am already way behind on preparing for the next task. This week and next, that whole cycle will have to be condensed down from days or weeks into hours or minutes. Kubler-Ross should write something about this, stat!

In the meantime, I just thank the heavens that my beloved Oakland A's were knocked out of the playoffs -- allowing me much extra time to focus on my work.

October 17th, 2006

Foyled Again

My interview with Golden State Warriors center Adonal Foyle runs tonight at 7:30 (and will be repeated on Friday night at 10:30). If you get a chance, check out the website of Foyle's organization, Democracy Matters. They're doing very cool work around the public financing of political campaigns.

Also on tonight's show: a "Wandering Josh" segment that graphically demonstrates my acrobatic talents.

8 comments September 19th, 2005

Ice Ice Baby

I don't have a really delicate way of putting this, but my butt is quite sore. Just wanted to mention that.

The injury occurred in the line of duty, as we were taping a "Wandering Josh" segment for the show this week. I was working out with members of "Team Thunder," the acrobatic young people who entertain the crowd during Golden State Warriors home games by jumping from trampolines and performing amazing and elaborate air-flips before stuffing the ball through the hoop. The idea of this segment was that they would teach me how to do at least a simple trampoline-to-hoop maneuver. This was in many ways -- painful ways -- not such a great idea, considering my middle-age-osity and astonishing lack of physical grace.

This "Wandering Josh" will run along with the Adonal Foyle in-studio interview (which was incredibly fun, by the way -- he's got to be one of the most charming people on the planet), and WJ producer Paul Sullivan did a wonderful job in shaping my misadventures into a cool piece. But oy, my poor coccyx! I'd be in even more discomfort right now, but fortunately another producer on the show, surfer extraordinaire Elizabeth Pepin (no relation to Jacques), prescribed a regimen of icing -- 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off -- which has worked wonders.

I've begged Paul and series producer Lori Halloran to make our next "Wandering Josh" segment something a bit less active. (One idea I'm pushing for is for me to do a stint in the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic. My wife -- along with much of our neighborhood -- thinks I suffer from sleep apnea.)

6 comments September 10th, 2005

Pre-Interview Jitters

My dad's best friend, Chuck, was a minister who often preached at a church near our apartment. So on Saturdays Chuck would often come visit us for dinner and then stay overnight, heading over to the church in the morning. And each Saturday evening he'd have this same, growing tension -- because Chuck suffered from writer's block, and he wanted his sermons to be just right. Also, Chuck was an amazing procrastinator -- so often, late into the evening, he'd regale young me with entertaining lectures on religion and politics, alternating with reading my huge collection of Charlie Brown comics (which he loved) ... but I knew that what was really going on was that he was experiencing the Dread of the Impending Sermon. And sure enough, in the morning I'd find him in the living room, nearly sleepless, anxiously scribbling on note cards.

And here I am, on Friday morning -- Fridays are when we tape our show -- sitting at my computer rather than scribbling on note cards (ah, how things have changed!), engaged in the very Chuck-like practice of nervously preparing for my interview with the amazing Adonal Foyle. This interviewing stuff is so new to me -- and what I'm finding particularly challenging is doing justice, in the short space of an on-air conversation, to all the complexities and depth of people's lives. It's impossible, actually, isn't it? Or is that just an excuse for my insufficiencies?

Thank goodness I'll have my series producer, Lori Halloran, to talk to when I get to KQED this morning. She has a way of calming me down (to the extent that that's humanly possible) and breaking down my tasks into manageable-seeming portions. (I wonder if I could get her to help me organize my chaotic desk area here in my apartment? Nah, probably that would be pushing it.)

3 comments September 9th, 2005

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