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All in the Family

Po Bronson is my guest on tonight's episode (rebroadcast from last season). He's a wonderful, passionate writer, and his latest book -- "Why Do I Love These People?" -- will be coming out in paperback next month. It was cool hanging out and talking with Po about his exploration of family dynamics, based on umpteen interviews he did with people from an astonishing variety of backgrounds. ...

Something quirky I just discovered as I was creating the link to Po's book: he, or his publisher, has been very promiscuous when it comes to subtitles. At the time of our interview, for example, the book was subtitled "Honest and Amazing Stories of Real Families." But now I see that the paperback will be subtitled "Understanding, Surviving, and Creating Your Own Family." (I guess they're targeting the how-to crowd.) Plus they've dropped the quote-marks from the title -- just the kind of thing to drive copy editors wild (believe me, I know). ... But it doesn't stop there! The U.K. edition, besides missing the quote-marks, is subtitled "the Families We Come From and the Families We Form." Yes, you read that right: apparently the British, whom we beat fair and square in 1776 and 1812, can't be bothered to capitalize the first letter of a subtitle. (One wonders whether they could muster any more energy to put into their families.) ...

Okay, I admit I got a little distracted there. Po's great. The book's swell. I hope you enjoy the interview -- which I am hereby subtitling "Hipster Authors and the Caffeine Addicts Who Talk to Them." Except in England, where it will be known as "Kippers, Colours & Crumpets," for no reason whatsoever. ...

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