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En Route

I write to you from SFO, where I'm about to fly to Washington D.C. for three weeks to work on my upcoming theatrical monologue about democracy.

I know what you're thinking: "Well, Josh, if you're doing a piece about democracy, why go to D.C., of all places?" And my answer is: My director/collaborator, David Dower, just moved there from S.F., to work at the very cool Arena Stage theater. This is the only way we can work together right now.

I recently heard that airlines have relaxed their carry-on requirements, so I'm hoping that I can place in the overhead compartment my detached and bleeding heart, which ripped itself out of me as I waved goodbye to my wife and son this morning. Three weeks is a very, very long time to be away. Surreally, I'll be returning on Christmas Eve, perhaps wearing a bushy white beard and using my Frequent Sleigher miles. Not doing too much ho-ho-ho'ing right now, though; just trying to remind myself that if I do a good job these next few weeks, I can maybe come back with the rough shape of a touring piece that could help pay the bills for a while.

I'll tell you, though, we had a great day yesterday: bike-riding, tree-buying, Don Quixote-reading ... I'd have to say that, despite the down times, this whole life thing seems to be somewhat underrated. And I guess if it were the perfect dream of itself -- e.g., no separations -- it somehow wouldn't be so wonderful. Somehow.

I guess this is why God invented sighing.

December 3rd, 2006

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