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Is Earthlink Going to Hell in a (Virtual) Handbasket?

Hey, has anyone else out there been having weird trouble with Earthlink lately? I've been a happy DSL customer of theirs for years, but a couple of months ago I signed up for their new plan in which you can bundle DSL with your home-phone service. Since then:

  • My home phone stopped working for a couple of weeks -- couldn't call out, couldn't receive calls.
  • My most recent bill from Earthlink overcharged me by almost $100.
  • And today, within the past couple of hours, all of my email disappeared. Yes, the over 250 messages in my "IN" box -- including, I believe, one from Earthlink explaining how they were going to refund the amount they'd overcharged me -- are now ... gone.

Every time I've contacted Earthlink -- a process greatly complicated by the fact that I am at a mountain resort in Utah with very limited phone service -- they've been polite as all get-out. But holy camolie (spelling?)!!! ...

Is Earthlink trying to tell me, in a clever, indirect way, that my life has become too bound up with the Internet? If so, I'd like to say: Message received (which is more than I can say for my emails)! But then please don't also overbill me for the services I am not getting!

* sigh *

And now, back to my regularly scheduled programming for today at the magical and wonderful (and mostly low-tech) Sundance Theatre Lab, as I continue developing a monologue about how disengaged many of us feel as citizens. (No connection here, is there?) ...

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