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April 3rd, 2006

Josh interviews Jean-Michel CousteauGreetings from Rome, Italy, where wife Sara, son Guthrie, and I are on a family vacation! I have to be quick because we've still got many miles of ruins to go before we sleep, but I just wanted to mention that tonight's show (at 7:30; repeated Friday night at 10:30 -- all times nine hours earlier in Italy) features my conversation with the delightful Jean-Michel Cousteau -- son of Jacques and, like his father, a passionate friend and documentarian of the sea. Also, there's a "Wandering Josh" segment in which I hand-feed a ravenous penguin named "Homie," who needs to go on a low-carb diet in the very near future (as will I, after all the gelati we've been consuming here).

More on Italy when I return (we just arrived last night, and saw the Pope in a window), but let me just mention one thing: it's not easy to use a moneybelt! For each Euro, I have to reach into my pants -- prompting Sara to crack wise about me needing to visit a Eurologist.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy tonight's program -- and Cousteau's marvelous new series (co-produced by KQED), Ocean Adventures.


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  • 1. dan vermont  |  April 4th, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Last night’s marine episode was classic josh kornbluth fare, which is both hilarious and informative. Cousteau interview was world class. Josh picks great guests and he makes us laugh a lot. Long Live Kornbluth!

  • 2. Josh Kornbluth  |  April 15th, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    Thanks, Dan!! (By the way, your check’s in the mail. …)

  • 3. Yvonne Devine  |  June 4th, 2006 at 9:32 am

    Dear Josh, Love, love, love your show!!! So positive and upbeat (even erudite!). But how come I can’t find any record online, on your site, of your interviews with the 2 college prof/authors? One was an African-American woman who’s written a book about Talking to Strangers and the other was the linguistics prof who’s written a book — something about elephants — like, Don’t say the word elephant, as he introduces it to his classes, etc. I WANT those books!!!!! I want to understand that right-wing, father-oriented, you-deseerve-to-be-miserable-cuz-you-brought-it-on-yourself kind of thinking (ie Republican….) Maybe then I won’t be so angry at them!!!!????? Regards, Yvonne Devine

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