Siegel & Tannen: Nurture Preserve

March 27th, 2006

I had a great time doing the show that airs tonight at 7:30 (and repeats Friday night at 10:30): interviews on family matters with child psychiatrist Daniel Siegel and linguist Deborah Tannen -- along with a very touching "Wandering Josh" segment.

Dr. SiegelI got in touch with Dr. Siegel after reading his (literally) mind-blowing book Parenting from the Inside Out, co-written with Mary Hartzell (who ran the preschool that Siegel's child attended). Drawing on exciting new findings in brain science, Siegel makes a persuasive case that the best way for us to become great parents is to make sense of our own childhoods. As a dad (and a son) myself, I ate up Siegel's lucid account of how the brain is physically transformed by our deepest experiences -- especially our early interactions with caregivers. And as a professional monologuist, I was delighted to hear that telling -- and understanding -- our life stories may be key to our families' happiness. ...

Deborah TannenAnd while we're on the subject of understanding: who better to chat with than Deborah Tannen, whose 1990 mega-bestseller You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation incited my mother to send me repeated letters and postcards urging me to read it. (Was she trying to tell me something? I didn't understand.) Now Tannen has a new book that I, in turn, can heartily recommend to my mom, whose own childhood was fraught with painful complexities. In You're Wearing THAT?: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation, Tannen -- with compassionate wit and linguistic insight -- delicately untangles these incredibly nuanced relationships. I emerged from our conversation grateful and moved, having been reminded of what a gloriously difficult struggle it is to love and be loved. ...

In between these two interviews, I wander over to the Berkeley campus, where psychology professor Dacher Keltner -- aided by two grad students with eerily similar nail-polishing habits -- allows me to participate in an experiment about communicating emotion through touch. I don't mean to brag out how well I did, but let's just say that Bill Clinton isn't the only one who feels your pain. ...

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