Bar Fights …

February 7th, 2006

... tanning booths ... face transplants ... tattoos ... fad diets ... tooth whiteners ... hair extensions ...

Those are only a few of the things I must avoid for the next week. The reason? On-screen continuity!

I'm down in Ventura, Calif., right now, getting ready to perform my stage monologue Ben Franklin: Unplugged for a month at the lovely Rubicon Theatre (if you know people in the area -- I think L.A. is about an hour away -- please let them know!). But early next week -- on an off-day from performing -- I'll be flying back up to the Bay Area to tape the second half of an episode of The Josh Kornbluth Show.

We taped the first interview -- with child psychologist Dan Siegel, co-author of the wonderful book Parenting from the Inside Out -- last Friday. The second one -- with author and linguist Deborah Tannen, whose new book is the delightfully titled You're Wearing THAT?: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation -- will take place next Tuesday, when she's swinging through town. So in the interim, I must stay exactly the same! Otherwise my keen-eyed viewers will notice discrepancies in my appearance between the two segments (which will run back-to-back), and this will detract from their experience of the program as a whole.

It's kind of like what De Niro did for Raging Bull, only much more Zen. ...

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