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My chat with digital-era hero Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, is available on this website (via streaming video) right now -- before its first broadcast (tonight at 7:30, to be repeated on Friday night at 10:30). Just click on the "TV Program" link at the top of this page.

Craig and me! Not since Carl Reiner interviewed Mel Brooks in the classic "2000-Year-Old Man" sketches has so much bald virility been displayed in a single conversation. It could change the whole paradigm of the kind of person we expect to see on the small screen. Or, more likely, it's a statistical anomaly -- a brief, shiny-headed blip in the noble procession of beautifully coiffed televisers.

Either way, I loved talking with him. The guy is so soft-spoken and self-effacing that his passion -- especially for creating and maintaining an online community that is ethical, uncommercial, and non-exploitive -- may take a while to make itself evident. But that passion is there -- along with a refreshing optimism about the essential goodness of human nature (aside from a sprinkling of bad guys, whom Craig seems to be hunting down almost 24/7). If you ever find yourself worrying that computers -- such as the one you're using at this moment -- are an alienating force in human society, check out what Craig Newmark has to say. And, of course, check out craigslist. Chances are, you already do. ...

By the way, the makers of a terrific-looking documentary, 24 Hours on Craigslist, graciously allowed us to use a clip from their film. For info on where it's running, and about the DVD due out next spring, check out their website. ...

Also on this show, we did a "Wandering Josh" where I visited with one of the delightful people who use craigslist: Marcy Schaaf, chapter manager of SaveABunny, a rabbit rescue and placement organization for San Francisco and Marin. After you watch this segment, I think you'll want to hug a bunny -- or at least feed some mixed greens to a really hungry bald guy. ...

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