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Learning Curve

So we were just about to tape today's show -- with Burning Man founder Larry Harvey (a deep guy -- check out this wonderful speech he gave a few years ago) -- and right before the interview I realized that I needed to take a quick bathroom break. And as I crossed the hallway to the bathroom, I was very careful to do what I'd been advised before my first day on the job: always turn off your wireless mike before you relieve yourself! Otherwise, anyone listening in to the taping (and apparently a number of folks at KQED can follow the taping from their office monitors) will -- you know -- hear you. (There's a great scene in one of the "Naked Gun" movies that uses this very gag, to great comic effect.)

So I carefully reached around to my back pocket and pulled out the little battery-pack thing and turned the power switch to "off." And then, a minute later, feeling much relieved, I made sure to turn the switch back to "on." And we did the interview, with me feeling quite smug about my professional handling of the whole bathroom-break-audio situation.

And then, after the interview was over, I started un-miking myself. And that's when I remembered: this time, unlike at previous tapings, they had put two mikes on me -- each with its own battery pack (and on-off switch)!

Ah, the best-laid plans of mikes and men. ...

ADDENDUM: I had just posted this item when my wonderful producer, Lori Halloran, read it and informed me that the correct spelling is "mic," not "mike." Apparently, the way I spelled it further reveals my lack of broadcasting experience and savvy. I think I'm just going to cut my losses and go home (micless -- I hope). ...

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