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Sign O’ The Times

So a couple days ago I was on a crowded BART train, riding back to the East Bay from KQED's San Francisco offices, when at a downtown stop (I think it was Powell) a man in Secret Service-type garb came striding through our car. He was talking loudly into a little high-tech microphone, saying something like, "I have lost visual contact -- repeat -- I have lost visual contact!" And then ... he strode off the train, the doors closed, and we headed off toward the next station. For a few moments, we passengers all just stared at one another -- possibly trying to decide, collectively, whether we should be worried about something. But then we all seemed to share a collective shrug; there were a few chuckles, and then we were all back in our semi-private worlds. We live in strange times, methinks. ...

By the way, the Prince song "Sign O' The Times" (which I'm listening to now on my iPod) is an amazing piece of music: funky, spare, moving, beautifully structured. Somewhere Marvin Gaye is smiling. ...

5 comments September 14th, 2005

Burning Question

Once again, sooner than I expected, we're closing in on another Friday, the day we tape our shows for future broadcast. At this week's taping, I'll be interviewing Larry Harvey, founder of the annual Burning Man festival. Do any of you have stories to share about your experiences there? If so, please put them in the "comments" section below this item. It would really help me prepare for Friday's conversation.

4 comments September 14th, 2005

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