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Boxer Day

We've made a lot of fairly random decisions in the run-up to getting our show on the air. For instance, at some point someone asked, "What kind of snack should we offer our guests?" and I instantly replied, "Rice Krispy Treats!" Now, I imagine that on another production, this suggestion might have been followed by a certain amount of back-and-forth discussion. Somebody might have raised the question of whether Rice Krispy Treats might make our guests' hands sticky and perhaps even lock their jaws together. But here at The JK Show we reject such bureaucratic temporizing. We follow our gut. Plus, all of us really like Rice Krispy Treats. And so it was done.

Strangely, however, none of our guests so far have actually eaten any of the Rice Krispy Treats -- which is especially odd, as the Treats are stacked very aesthetically in a nice bowl right in front of the guest couch. Finally, by the third taping -- my interview with Senator Barbara Boxer, which will run tonight at 7:30 -- I decided not to be so passive on this issue. Impulsively, I reached over and picked up the bowl, tilting it toward her so she could get an up-close look at the enticing Treats it contained. "Senator," I asked, "would you like a Rice Krispy Treat?"

Now, you may be thinking that -- given this rare opportunity to talk with one of the most influential politicians in the nation -- I might have had other, more important things to ask her about. But you have to understand the context: We had been chatting about Sen. Boxer's first novel, a soon-to-be published thriller titled A Time to Run. This book features steamy love scenes and back-stabbing political skullduggery. Clearly, the woman who wrote it has experienced a great deal of passion in her life, and is no stranger to following the whims of impluse. In short, Sen. Boxer would seem like the perfect person to offer a Rice Krispy Treat.

Sadly, though she was a joy to interview, I must report that Sen. Boxer -- politely but firmly -- declined the Treat. She did, however, happily sign the back of the set (a tradition we're establishing with our guests and crew) -- and her enthusiasm for fiction-writing was delightful and infectious. We were all sad to see her go -- though quite possibly there were one or two things happening in the world that did require her attention. ...

Also in tonight's show, by the way, is the first "Wandering Josh" segment -- featuring my on-campus visit with UC-Berkeley professor Lucy Jacobs, a charming and brilliant expert on (among other beings) squirrels. Yes, squirrels! They're amazing! (Trust me.)

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