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Ice Ice Baby

I don't have a really delicate way of putting this, but my butt is quite sore. Just wanted to mention that.

The injury occurred in the line of duty, as we were taping a "Wandering Josh" segment for the show this week. I was working out with members of "Team Thunder," the acrobatic young people who entertain the crowd during Golden State Warriors home games by jumping from trampolines and performing amazing and elaborate air-flips before stuffing the ball through the hoop. The idea of this segment was that they would teach me how to do at least a simple trampoline-to-hoop maneuver. This was in many ways -- painful ways -- not such a great idea, considering my middle-age-osity and astonishing lack of physical grace.

This "Wandering Josh" will run along with the Adonal Foyle in-studio interview (which was incredibly fun, by the way -- he's got to be one of the most charming people on the planet), and WJ producer Paul Sullivan did a wonderful job in shaping my misadventures into a cool piece. But oy, my poor coccyx! I'd be in even more discomfort right now, but fortunately another producer on the show, surfer extraordinaire Elizabeth Pepin (no relation to Jacques), prescribed a regimen of icing -- 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off -- which has worked wonders.

I've begged Paul and series producer Lori Halloran to make our next "Wandering Josh" segment something a bit less active. (One idea I'm pushing for is for me to do a stint in the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic. My wife -- along with much of our neighborhood -- thinks I suffer from sleep apnea.)

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