Word of the Week: Marriage and Proposition 8

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By Emmanuel Hapsis and Amanda Stupi

In Other Words
is back with another Word of the Week–the series that explains the news behind the buzz.

This week we decided to give you the basics of the Proposition 8 trial.

To follow KQED’s ongoing coverage of the trial, visit:

The California Report’s special coverage of Same-Sex Marriage in California

Scott Shafer’s Proposition 8 Trial blog

NPR’s State by State: The Legal Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage map

Word of the Week: Copenhagen

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KQED’s staff and interns return this week to break down another buzz word. This week’s choice was a natural: Copenhagen. Watch the video below to find out what the fuss is all about.

And we aren’t the only ones trying to explain what the heck is happening over there. It looks like Copenhagen, or more specifically COP 15, have been the topics of many explainers the past few weeks. Explainers are what we call features that break down a complex topic in an easy-to-understand and hopefully, entertaining, way. Here are a few we thought worthy of sharing: first, check out the New York Time’s Copenhagen 101 video and Time Magazine’s nice little animated number below:

We also liked the humor that online environmental magazine Grist brought to its coverage and its 15 People to Watch in Copenhagen slide show.

And a final nod to NPR’s Planet Money for the most appropriate use of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.”

Tell us, where do you get information on topics you want to learn more about? Do you prefer text, video, or podcasts? And should we keep trying to be funny or just stick to what we do best?

Word of the Week: Afghanistan

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Each week, KQED interns tackle a different word that is dominating headlines. The word for the first week in December was Afghanistan, with just about every show in our newsroom covering President Obama’s decision to send an additional 30,000 troops to the country. Watch what the interns have to say. If your interest is piqued, listen to an episode of Forum that discusses Obama’s decision or The California Report’s story on reactions to news of a possible surge. There are also links to more resources below.

Forum discusses the troop surge:

The California Report talks to liberals about the likely troop surge:

Other articles, shows and resources to help you learn more about Afghanistan:

Black Friday Defined

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One of the interesting things about working in a newsroom is the language (and no, I’m not talking about the colorful, expletive kind) and how a term can saturate conversation one minute and disappear completely the next. Remember, hanging chads, subprime mortgages and our most recent example– the S-curve? Those of us at In Other Words thought it would fun and well, perhaps even helpful, to define one buzzy phrase a week. We started with an easy one: Black Friday.

What terms would you like us to define?



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