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Welcome to November everyone.

Here, once again is the In Other Words’ weekly news roundup, bringing you the latest in youth news:

Youth Radio staff reflected on the Obama presidency one year in. Some love him as much as ever, while others are wondering when he’s going to return the favor to those who elected him.

The Nation put together a slide show called “The Obama Youth” with some poignant images that capture the impact youth had on the election.

In other news, The Paly Voice looked at H1N1 and its suspected impact on attendance at Palo Alto High, while Wire Tap took a good look at the impending teacher shortage.

Weekly News Roundup, Part Deux

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We’re back with our second installment of the weekly news roundup! This week we’ve got school desegregation, tips for being happy, and a video on dating dealbreakers. What more could you want? (Okay. . .  sure, we’d like free rent for a year too, but we’re public broadcasting–that’s not quite in our budget. Work with us, people.)

San Jose State’s Spartan Daily collected some reactions to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize:And in case you missed it, I have to plug to our own Rachel Krantz’s reaction. A good read.

The Daily Californian continued their local coverage with a look at Berkeley Unified School District’s desegregation program. Yep, it’s 2009 and we’re still talking about desegregation. . .

As a student it can sometimes be difficult to balance the stress of work, classes, homework, friends, and any number of extra curricular activities. Here are ten ways to stay happy courtesy of UCSF’s Synapse. And because we like to share, tell us what your strategies are for getting happy? Just click on the comment button.

If that’s not enough to make you smile, our first ever Best Headline Award goes to the College of San Mateo’s San Matean. Their winner from a Sept. story on the budget crisis: Budget: Ouch.

And finally, as promised USF’s Foghorn Online on dating dealbreakers. Watch and learn:

Street Talk’s Dating Dealbreakers from San Francisco Foghorn on Vimeo.

What’s News to You?

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newspaperIn Other Words is starting a new feature–a weekly news roundup from youth news organizations. We know what’s making the headlines at KQED and Youth Radio, but we wanted to find out if that’s in line with what other young journalists are covering. So each week we’ll give you a snapshot of what’s being covered by high schools, colleges, and other community media groups across the country. This is our first week so we’re still testing the waters. We’re very open to suggestions for formats and stories. In fact, if you’re a journalist or blogger and you want us to check out your work–please leave us a link to your publication in a comment. And if you there’s a story in your life that you don’t see covered–let us know.

The Daily Californian (UC Berkeley)

Court Hears Change of Venue Arguments in BART Shooting Case

Synapse (UC San Francisco)

Medical Books from UCSF Make Their Way to Iraq and Afghanistan

The Guardsman (City College of San Francisco)

College Expects Increased Enrollment Due to CSU Cuts


Toward a New Queer Politic

Stagg Line (Stagg High School)

Male Cheerleaders Focus on Sport Not Judgement



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