Teens and the Internet

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1001816265The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project released their latest findings today. The report compares internet, social media and mobile phone use for three groups: teens ages 12-17, young adults ages 18-29, and adults 30 and over.

Here are the highlights:

Teens seem to be replacing blogging (only 14 percent of online teens maintain a blog) with updating their status on social networking sites. 73 percent of teens use social networking sites, an increase from 55 percent in 2004.  And what about MySpace— does anyone still use it? Well, sort of. 66 percent of young adults surveyed had a MySpace profile, while only 36 percent of adults over 30 did. Unfortunately, the survey didn’t specify how many online teens have MySpace profiles. One thing is clear though–teens don’t tweet. Only 8% of online teens had a Twitter account.

Click here to read the full report online at Pew Internet.org.

Tech-Savvy Teens Bring Families Up To Speed

June 29, 2009 · Filed Under culture, technology · Comments Off on Tech-Savvy Teens Bring Families Up To Speed 

Can you imagine not having a computer or no high-speed internet? It's 2009—a year where people are geared up with the hottest gadgets, but despite that there are those who still live in the shadow of technology. A recent study by the  Public Policy Institute of California shows that more than half of Latino households have no computer and more than half have no high-speed internet. Today on the California Report, a group of tech-savvy teenagers spend their time bringing families up to speed.



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